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Unlock the tech industry.

What your bootcamp isn't teaching you.


Who this book is for

If you're trying to break into tech, you probably already know it's a huge and complicated world. Maybe you're thinking about a career change, currently enrolled in a bootcamp, on a self-taught journey, or trying to figure out what will set you apart to land your first job.


I wrote this book for all of you, to give you the tools and information I wish I had when I was career changing into tech. In it, you'll find the best resources, simplified explanations of technologies and job titles, and specific advice to help you stand out and find a job.


This book will help you fill knowledge gaps, demystify tech jargon, build a community & land your first job.


Table of Contents

  1. My Bootcamp Experience

  2. It's Really Hard & You're Doing Great

  3. Day in the Life of a Dev

  4. Languages, Frameworks & Libraries Explained

  5. The Best Supplemental Materials

  6. Making your Portfolio Stand Out

  7. Building a Community

  8. Job Titles Explained

  9. The Targeted Job Hunt

  10. What to Expect in the Interview Process

  11. You Won't Know A Lot of Things and That's OK

Get the tools to help you land your first job and navigate the tech industry with success.

Includes EPUB, PDF and Mobi formats

to read on your computer, tablet, phone or Kindle.



Jason Alba

This should be required reading by anyone who is thinking about a career in programming. Caitlyn gives personal examples that are relatable and meaty. She nails so many aspects of building a career in technology.


Randall Kanna

This is the book I wish I had when I attended my coding bootcamp! It's a great resource that will save you so much time and help you figure out what's going on in tech.


Lauren Lee

The book I wish I had when graduating from code school! And the book I will give to all future grads I mentor. Caitlyn demystifies what it’s really like to navigate the tech industry and land your first developer job!

The Author

Hi, I'm Caitlyn! I'm a Software Engineer who, until I was 31 years old, sold beer for a living. In 2019, I made the leap and joined a bootcamp, landing my first job before I finished. Since then, I've talked to a lot of aspiring developers and I noticed they all had some of the same questions and gaps in knowledge that I did at the time. By sharing what I've learned, I hope to help developers better navigate the tech world, build confidence, and ultimately succeed!

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